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The reason YOU are here.

While a quick scroll through social media likely paints study abroad as “the perfect adventure” timeline posts, carousels, and reels NEVER dive deep into the complexities of highs and lows that most study abroad students face, especially in their first few weeks away.

And trust me, there are so many.

Similarly, while many programs offer generalized pre-departure information on topics such as ‘How to Cope with Homesickness’ and ‘How to Build a Budget’, this advice is often outdated and in many cases, written by people who, while well-meaning, have never actually even studied abroad before.

The reason I AM

I was once where you are now.

When I embarked on my first college semester abroad to London many years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact both positive and negative the experience would have on my well-being, including my mental health, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and of course, my bank account.

After many lessons learned, I went on to complete a different semester-long program in Florence, Italy, and then returned to London for two graduate single year-long degree programs and felt much more in control of how to navigate the ebbs and flows of study abroad.

Since 2014, I have been 1:1 advising high school, college, and graduate-level students on all aspects of their study abroad journey and also run an online study abroad membership community platform called LiveStudyLearn™ Abroad, that is dedicated to connecting students worldwide as they spend their semesters overseas.

My greatest passion and life’s work at this point is to help a generation of wanderlust-driven students discover the world and build a better life lens through study abroad and international opportunities.

And THAT’S WHY I created The LiveStudyLearn™ ‘Surviving Your First Month of Study Abroad’ mini e-Course.

About the mini e-Course

Featuring a series of short, pre-recorded workshop videos and written content (to accommodate you the way you learn best), this 90-minute online course can be completed all at once or revisited time and time again. The course portal also includes a variety of printable worksheets and there is access to an e-Course private community as well.

The course is open to high school (secondary school), college-aged (university), and graduate students worldwide and is recommended for those who are studying abroad for the first time and will be spending at least one semester away in the next year.

Your e-Course Benefits

Learn How to Settle in Abroad

You’ll learn how to get started with Adjusting and Settling into your semester abroad with ease, including gaining insights on how to navigate your neighborhood, sightsee like a local, and “appear native” from the start.

Semester Away Safety Tips

Safety is a huge and often overlooked part of the study abroad experience. You’ll learn about some of the common safety concerns most semester abroad students deal with to develop more awareness as you go through your program.

Study Abroad Budget Basics

You’ll learn how to Budget like a BOSS and how to even save money based on placing priorities on what you really need to survive during your semester and what you could actually live without (even though it may hurt to pass it by).

Build Lifelong Connections

From tackling day-to-day issues with roommates, connecting with classmates, and establishing a professional personal brand abroad, you will learn how to effectively build a network that can shape your future prospects.

Coping with Homesickness

You’ll have the chance to explore simple ways to tackle your homesickness (no shame, it happens to everyone!) and channel your anxiety during those first few weeks into positive action.

Advance Ahead Of Your Peers

You’ll become part of the small percentage of students who made the effort to take a course like this to gain the knowledge to successfully master their semester abroad without simply “guessing” your way through.

e-Course Pricing

The 90-minute mini-course is free to access. That’s right, I am offering it for absolutely FREE!

No gimmicks, tricks, or foolery here. My main goal is to make sure you get the information you need to start your semester away on the right foot.

As I said before, helping students thrive abroad is my passion and life’s work and I’m a strong believer that EVERY piece of content should not be on a “nickel and dime” model to be accessible.


While the fact that the course is FREE might seem to be the most exciting point, I wanted to speak more about my guarantee to you.

You will learn something new.

You will hear new ideas and concepts you have probably never heard before (at the bare minimum, never presented in THIS WAY before).

You will complete the course feeling encouraged, filled with greater knowledge, and PUMPED to embark on this journey, which will no doubt change your life.

As the famous inspo quote says “You want to START how you’d like to FINISH”.

I’m ready to get you there and I’m SO excited for you.

Let’s get going….

Meet Your Instructor

Kimber Grayson

Kimber is a former serial 'study abroader' turned study abroad coach and semester away community building. Known as 'The Study Abroad Specialist (YouTube) and Founder of The LiveStudyLearn Abroad Association, since 2014, she has been helping students create the social and emotional toolsets they need to thrive while studying overseas. She is a proud dual master's graduate of two prominent London-based universities and has also spent time interning and living in several parts of the United States and Western Europe.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. The course is recommended for anyone who is currently enrolled in a program or plans to go in the future.

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It is recommended that you watch or listen to the videos in order, but it is definitely not required. 

It has been designed to complete in 90-minutes but you are welcome to stop and start as you wish. The content has been created based on how people learn best so it includes written and visual content. 

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